In Krakow they visited the Christian Culture Foundation “Znak” and the student organization “Institute for Research on Civilizations” at Tischner European University.

The last days in Nowy Sacz were spent with the independent media of Nowy Sacz.  They were guests on a live show of Radio Galicja and broadcasted the next day’s weather in Russian.  They also visited the popular newspaper Dziennik Polski where they learned about free press. 

The October group was invited to the opening of the exhibition “Nowy Sacz Judaica – Impressions” during which they watched a play “Hands” and got a taste of Jewish cuisine.

One of the participants, Yulia Goncharova, received a scholarship to the business College in Nowy Sacz. She was working as a volunteer at MTO since September 2008 until she graduated.

We really want to thank RITA Program of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation for making these visits possible.