SPLOT – The Independent Middle and High School of Nowy Sacz: www.splot.info

 established in 1989

 SPLOT, 2005

Splot graduates have achieved success in their public and professional lives.  We have many PhD’s, politicians, lawyers, doctors of medicine, businessmen and businesswomen as well as managers in international corporations such as France-Telecom. As many as 80 our graduates shown up at the 2005 annual meeting organized for them by school ready to share their successes with teachers and younger school-mates.

The students participate in and win many academic competitions.   Several have been finalists in the national school Olympics in various subjects and competitions on a middle-school level. “Splot” students continue to place in sports.  One is a member of the Malopolska swim team and another is on the Malopolska ski team.  “Splot” itself organizes inter-school competitions in skiing. This “Splot Cup” is known and acclaimed in our town.  

“Splot’s Quill” is a prestigious local literary competition for young poets and writers in Malopolska. 120 young writers and poets from all over the province participated in the fourth edition of this program in 2005. Thanks to our successes we became a partner of the Tischner European University in Krakow. We are very proud of this cooperation.

SPLOT, 2006

 Splot students excelled in the final exams of 2005/2006.  According to the Regional Examination Commission the High School scores were 15% higher than the national average.  Splot Middle School students are within the upper 4% strata in country-wide statistics.  Congratulations to students, teachers and parents.  We are very proud of you!

Five Splot Middle School students received the very challenging ECDL (European Computer Driver’s License) diploma, which is recognized worldwide and will make it easier to find a job in the European Union.

A student exchange program with Crimean Tatar schools was initiated in cooperation with the Warsaw-based Association for a Democratic East. Splot students spent eight days in Crimea and then hosted their Tatar peers in Nowy Sącz. Friendships were established and they look forward to the program’s continuation. 

SPLOT, 2007


SPLOT, 2008

In August 2008, a group of 15 students from Sderot (located near the Gaza Strip) came with their teacher to Nowy Sacz for the first Polish-Israeli Youth Exchange not focused on the Holocaust but rather on learning about everyday life in Poland. In addition to daily contact with students from Splot high school, there was a very rich tourist component that included

visits to Krakow, Wieliczka, Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains, Szczawnica, and rafting on the Dunajec.

Although not originally part of the plan, Israeli students decided a visit to Auschwitz was crucial event if the focus of the exchange was not on the Holocaust. Both Polish and Israeli youth enjoyed a day with Mr. Jakub Miller, the last remaining Jew in Nowy Sacz, who shared his personal experiences with them and gave them a tour of the former Jewish quarter and the Jewish cemetery.

The mayor of Sderot, Mr. Eli Moyal, expressed thanks to Splot High School and to Mr. Krzysztof Stanowski, Vice Minister of Education, for the warm hospitality saying, “You gave us the feeling we are not alone. It would be great to have this visit as a yearly tradition because it gave our youth, who live under the daily threat of terror, a break from this terrible tension. It ‘reloaded their batteries’ to continue life in this embattled city.”

Splot students have been invited to return the visit next summer. We can only hope for peace in the region and that the situation on the ground will allow youth on both sides to take advantage of this opportunity to further understanding between the two countries.

We are proud to have been chosen as the first school in Poland to host such an exchange and extend our appreciation to the Polish Ministry of Education for this opportunity and their support.


SPLOT, 2009


SPLOT, 2010


Malopolska Literary Competition for Youth “Splot Quill”


The “Splot Quill” competition has become a tradition in Nowy Sacz.  This year we received more than 134 texts from 106 authors. This proves again that even if adults doubt that young people read, youth still write lots of poetry and prose.  On May 14th 2010 the president of the Jury, Andrzej Warzecha, presented the results of the contest in the City Hall of Nowy Sacz. The Mayor of the town, Jerzy Gwizdż, granted Rozalia Knapik the prize for the best author of Nowy Sacz. Other prizes were provided by “Znak” a Publishing House in Krakow and the City Council of Nowy Sacz.

We are very thankful for these contributions and wish the young authors the best in their future careers.


SPLOT, 2011