• The photo exhibit “Our Balkans” with 40 large displays opened in October 27, 2006 at   the Malopolska Cultural Center.  After 3 weeks it was transferred to the Business College for another 4 weeks and was visited by many people.  In addition to more than 200 photos there was a message encouraging active involvement in development issues.
  • The “What do you know about the Balkans?” competition was announced to 85 middle and high schools in the Nowy Sacz region.  There were 15 entries and 13 presentations on November 25, 2006.  The European Club of the Middle School in Krynica won first prize (a computer!) for their radio broadcast about Albania.  All entries received some sort of acknowledgement in the form of books and six teachers who mentored the presenters received 300 PLN each from our partner organization “SOWA” from a RITA grant.
  • AYSE students made eight visits to local middle and high schools and colleges enabling 200 young Poles to have first hand contact and discussions with “real life” people from the Balkans.
  • A public debate on the needs of countries in development was organized by “SOWA”, in cooperation with MTO.  It was attended by about 100 inhabitants of Nowy Sacz.

The “Nowy Sacz Month of Development Education” was a success. 

  • An estimated 5600 individuals viewed “Our Balkans” exhibit.  Eight of them were anxious to cooperate with us in future endeavors.  The exhibit with a few additional artifacts was shown  again at a gallery in the city center from January 10-28, 2007.
  • In addition to a wealth of materials created by students for the competition about the Balkans, the participants themselves came up with concrete suggestions about what Poland and Poles could do to help our southern neighbors:  promote their entry into the EU, open our markets to them, provide scholarships for study in Poland, jobs in Poland, invest in their countries, encourage tourism there, increase imports and exports.  All these practical ideas show a level of awareness and interest that will long outlast the project activities.
  • Personal contact between AYSE students and Polish students of various ages show just how crucial such meetings are.  We learned how even innocent questions may expose sensitive issues and that all sides must learn how to communicate and learn from one another.
  • The public debate showed how varied forms development aid can take and that truly we ourselves learn much more than we offer when we help others.