Active Youth are Ukraine’s Future, 2008

The goal of this project was to promote civil society development in the regions of Kharkov and Odessa by empowering youth to solve their own problems and encouraging closer ties amongst citizens in these two regions.  The following activities enabled us to reach this goal.

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“Ambassadors of Regional Transition”, 2008

Each year the Regions in Transition Program (RITA) holds a meeting for coordinators of the RITA and Study Tours to Poland programs. This year’s meeting, attended by 90 project coordinators and guests, was held in Krynica Zdrój. The event was organized by MTO in close cooperation with Education for Democracy Foundation (FED).

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Club of Local Leaders in Belarus, 2010

The goal of this project was to prepare 22 young Belarusians as local leaders, ready to work towards their own personal development as well as to cooperate with one another.  Following training in Poland, they returned home to mobilize their peers to build a civil society based on local activities.  In the course of thisproject:

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“A Roof Over Our Head Is Not Enough”, 2009

The goal of this project was to foster local entrepreneurship (both social and for-profit) amongst IDPs from Abkhazia and South Ossetia who find themselves living in other parts of Georgia as a result of the previous and recent conflicts.  They are still in shock, having left everything they owned behind and are having to start their lives completely anew in very difficult conditions (limited access to water, lack of sewerage systems, overwhelming unemployment and an uncertain future).  It is essential that they learn how to independently begin to tackle their own problems instead of waiting passively for outside help.  We worked towards this goal in cooperation with Zywiec Development Foundation (ZFR) and our Georgian partner, IDPWA “Consent” in the following activities:

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Green Triangle, 2010

The New Style Volunteers (NSV) Program was presented to 22 participants (10 from Poland, 6 from Belarus and 6 from Germany) during the workshop in Nowy Sacz in July 2010, thanks to cooperation amongst MTO (Poland), Gomel Democratic Forum (Belarus) and Bildungswerk Sachsen der Deutschen Gesellschaft e.V. (Germany).  The idea underlying NSV is to foster a sense of social responsibility amongst youth so that young citizens are not only able to identify needs and problems in various situations, but feel responsible for themselves and others.  Through the NSV Program they seek to solve these problems by organizing themselves into strong active volunteer groups which do not easily give up or lose their motivation.

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