1.  Innovative methods and techniques of speed learning and memorization to enable each student to create an individual method of learning based on one’s own brain structure.  After these lessons, students have greater self-confidence which helps them to continue their education. 
  2. Specific therapy used to assist those with dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia.  Special computer programs were used to assist students with these problems. 
  3. Based on the American Street Law program these activities were designed to encourage youth, parents and teachers to independently seek answers to the question “How does law function in my neighborhood, city, country?”. By looking for answers to this personal question, fundamental skills are developed by the students themselves. In this way, they create their own innovative methods of education, which will make learning more attractive. The aim of this project was to strengthen democratization, good governance and respect for the rule of law.  Students created their own projects according to their area of interest which introduced interactive methods of teaching to rural classrooms.
  4. Workshops for parents to help them understand the changes that adolescents go through and better enable them to deal with the problems arising from these period of development.

We would like to thank the Educational Superintendent of Nowy Sacz for the financial support of this project.