During the 3-day meeting attendees presented their projects and took part in discussions and work groups on the following topics:

• The future of the “Student Volunteer Program” – lessons learned and possibility to “export”   

   this practice

• How to assist development in education and schools

• Ukraine and Civil Society

• How to best realize the goals of “Study Tours to Poland”

• How to assist in school and educational development in Ukraine

They could also:

• Participate in a panel discussion “What can we do for Georgia?”

• Learn about the results of a study of the activities of Polish NGOs working abroad

• Attend a lecture by Vice Minister of Education, Krzysztof Stanowski

• Learn about the scientific journal “New Eastern Europe” – a recent initiative of the East  

  European College named for Jan Nowak- Jeziorański.

Two photo exhibits on the Balkans and Central Asia were on display during the weekend. There was plenty of time for personal discussions, sharing of experience and planning cooperation during the evening meal at “Lemko Inn” and another evening bonfire. Awards were presented for the best photo reporting from the RITA-sponsored projects. Each school and organization supported by this program received a certificate. Information about all projects as well as about the international work of Polish NGOs is available on the annually CD-ROM.

We would like to thank the RITA Program for support of this important occasion for peer sharing.