The VILLAGE program was introduced to 21 teachers from 11 elementary schools in September 2010.   It was well received and enthusiastic feedback described the program as “creative, imaginative and multi-faceted”.  Children learn “planning, group work, self-discipline, responsibility, how to express their opinions and the culture of discussion”.  Local authorities and school directors were invited to “visit” the VILLAGE during the final ceremony and awarding of diplomas.

In October 2010, 18 teachers from 10 middle schools were trained to be mentors in the Public Achievement (PA) Program which empowers students to tackle problems of importance to them.  During the workshops participants went through the steps of creating PA groups and were treated as they should treat members of their future PA groups.  They learned how to choose, analyze and attempt to resolve problems. 

Both groups of teachers also had a short course on how to use a “white board” in teaching.  This relatively new teaching tool can be used to teach a variety of subjects and this course was an enriching element of the overall training.

On behalf of the project participants and school children who benefitted from these new programs, we would like to express our thanks to the Malopolska Provincial Government for their support of and belief that village schools are open to the world and welcome challenges:  Village Schools Can!