We Are One


The Project “We Are One”, which began in 2009, over a period of 2 years, has united 100 youngsters from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Ukraine, who searched in their own towns for traces of Jewish tradition and culture in the 20th Century, and shared the results with their peers and the local community.

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European Eggs in a Peasant’s Basket, 2003

 This promotion and information campaign was designed to encourage rural women to vote in the referendum on Polish membership in the European Union and was supported by the Ministry for the Equal Status of Women and Men. 

INTERAULA Study Visit, 2007

MTO has worked with schools in Bulgaria since 1999.  During a summer workshop of the VILLAGE program in Vidin, our partner organization and member of the School Plus network, introduced us to a representative of INTERAULA.  INTERAULA is a consortium of 5 of Bulgaria’s most important universities and focuses on improvement of curriculum and school management.  The Southwestern University in Blagoevgrad was particularly interested in cooperating with MTO and sent 24 of its professors and INTERAULA representatives to visit colleges, universities and education and tourist sites in Nowy Sacz, Krakow and Warsaw in addition to workshops about MTO’s innovative programs. 

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Solidarity – Passport to Democracy, 2007

The main goal of this project was to promote Poland in Serbia, Moldova and Ukraine and to support democratic changes in these three countries. To accomplish this, participants explored the history and experiences of the Polish civic movement called Solidarity and learned about the events that occurred between 1980 and 1991. This project provided the opportunity for participants not only to learn how to build civil society without using violence but also to taught them that average people have great potential which can change even hopeless situations.  They also were able to share best practices and experiences from their countries.

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Learning and fun in spite of dyslexia, 2007

The goal of this program was to broaden the educational offer for disadvantaged children in the Nowy Sacz region.  Special attention was given to low-income, rural children as well as those with dyslexia.  171 children benefitted from this project.  The project consisted of four parallel tracks: 

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