Not only did the children present their costumes during the final competition on November 10th, but they also had to answer questions for the jury about their chosen story. The jurors took into consideration the costumes, presentations and knowledge about the story itself. Diplomas and prizes were givien to the top three groups:

I.   Class IId from Elementary School #2 in Nowy Sącz for the witch costume and knowledge about the story “Hansel and Gretel”.

II. Class IIIb from Elementary School in Tęgoborze for costumes and knowledge of Cyprian the Hedgehog”

III. Class IIa from Elementary School in Przysietnica for costumes and knowledge of Dr Doolittle and his animals”

Additionally, each child received a few small gifts and each class received a set of educational materials.

The group of students that won first place went with their teachers and some parents (40 persons) for a trip to the European Tale Center in Pacanów. Visiting the interactive exhibition "Fairytale World", the children gained new information, but also learned dialogue through group work. This was a prerequisite for use of the unique, fairy-tale route. MTO covered an additional stop in Szczucin (on the way to Pacanów) to give the kids the opportunity to explore the Museum of Road Machinery.

On behalf of the children, teachers and parents, we would like to thank the Office of the Malopolska Provincial Governor for its support. It enabled the competition to be organized and brought such joy to the children.